DIY Gaming Keypad Part 1

So I just got done coding up a storm (read: editing public code) to start a proof of concept, namely making a DIY gaming keypad. The keypad in question is the odd Targus PAUK10, and the software in question is-you might've guessed it-LuaMacros. (record scratch) "Now hold on" you might ask. "Why just LuaMacros?" Why I like LuaMacros the most, compared to AutoHotKey and LuaMacro's ancestor, HIDMacros, is that it is expansive AND capable of discerning between HID devices. AHK doesn't do that, and HIDMacros does that but is rather limited. My only problem right now is that I don't know how to send multi-key combinations akin to a shift or ctrl key, but with something else. What I wanted to do was the following: Back+/=x (unpowered melee in my Destiny 2 ingame config), but so far no luck.

What I plan to do next after solving that is buying a set of PSP 1000 replacement parts for the DPad. Once I get that hooked up to a TeensyLC and coded up, I can start designing a 3D printed enclosure to hold it all. If it's good fun, I can see about learning GUI making to make it easier for other projects of this type to make creating such things easier, perhaps in the vein of the Nostromo N52's software.

Here's the video I based this off on.

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