My recent obsession with Space Paranoids

I dunno what possessed me. Was it TRON itself? Was it my curiosity about
Rogue Synapse's version of the game? Was it the fact that I didn't even KNOW
that there was a PR campaign version of the game on Unity Web Player? Either
way, I'm in love with both. There's something about things from fiction making
their way over to the real world that just tickles my fancy.

This is where my latest project came in. A whole night of high pressure,a cramped
left hand (painful) and a restless morning later, I managed to bring
Space Paranoids 2010 back from the dead (as in back online, unlike Flashpoint). It
was a labor of love for one of the best PR moves in movie history: opening a
recreation of Flynn's Arcade, and a liking for the fictional game itself.

In other news, I've been hammering plans together to make a custom arcade setup
using a Space Paranoids Arcade1Up kit, a slimmed Windows 7 OS machine, and a control
scheme inspired by Rogue Synapse's rough build of their own Space Paranoids cabinet.
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