So, I've been out of action with this website as of late, but I'd like to take the time to go through with this musing entry.
Given the big leagues have been running outta control the world over, I wanted to be a part of something for once. When perusing
Roblox, I was given the unique opportunity to meet the ones keeping the fading culture alive. Something clicked. I have never
thought the chance existed. Despite Roblox's massive flaws, it's rather easy to create spaces that exude the days of old, like
Narashino, Chiba. Mitsuyo, the first generation leader of Specter, met me in a recreation of the So-no-Mori apartment
where gatherings were had. However, Specter Roblox is in a bit of a spot right now. Lots of stuff happened including stepdowns
and it's not clear where we're going yet, though we're still trying to go strong. I myself have been distracted by other, more
immediate troubles.

Bah, where are my manners? You're probably wondering what "Bosozoku" is. It translates roughly to "Out of Control Speed Tribe" or
"Dangerous Speeds Tribe" from Japanese. They got their start thanks to Kamikaze pilots from WW2 that couldn't return to normal
society, and thus lived fast and loud with modified motorcycles of the time. It evolved into young men and women who just weren't
having it with the "perfect society" Japan's political figures were pushing so hard for and lived fast, rude and loud as all hell.
Illegal bike mods, bombastic designs, loud and proud special attack uniforms (Tokko-Fuku), you name it. They just weren't gonna

Nowadays, the Japanese police constantly crack down on Bosozoku, and there are only so many left. "Sayonara Speed Tribes" is a
great documentary to watch if you haven't seen it already, and it shows how the subculture is fading away like the wind. Plenty
of videos are also available on Youtube if you're further interested.

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